Friday, February 28, 2014

AMP B3 full suspension frameset

The AMP frames got rave reviews some popular MTB magazines back in the day claiming it was the best bike on the planet. It was light, had active suspension and was designed by a suspension guru from the motorcycle world who you had to look up to if you where a MTB magazine editor back in 1993, Horst 'the horse' Leitner.

The rear link was even called the "Horst link" since it was on the AMP bike it was first used and AMP had the patent which was later on sold to Specialized. Last year the patent went out so now everyone can build their own Horst link bike. You would think it was Horst who invented the Horst link since his name graces it but apparently it was the founder of Nicolai frames who invented the Horst link when he worked at AMP. And he had to pay royalties to AMP to use his own invention.

When the freeriding fad came at the end of the 90'ies AMP bikes went out of style since nobody wanted lightweight XC bikes anymore, preferring 5 inch freeriding monsters. AMP bailed out, licensed the bikes to Mercedes, left the bicycle industry and invented some weird accessories for flat bed trucks and made millions.

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