Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Arrow Racing 24" wheel MTB

Arrow racing was (is? the site is still up) a very innovative manufacturer of frames, tires and parts for go carts that had a really cool logo. They are most famous for their line of 24" wheeled mountain bikes which I guess they really believed in (they even had tires available in 24"). Today the future is bigger wheels (please join my future federation against 29:ers movement) but back in 1994 the future was not set and many believed 24" was going to be the new standard because it offered faster acceleration and more space around the back of the bike which was needed when rear suspension became more complex.

The above bike is shamefully scanned in from an old MBA and it is a full suspension 24" wheeled frame. It has a Scott Unishock front suspension fork adapted to 24" wheels. The rear shock is a dual shock elastomer stack and the component group is Suntour XC Pro.

To bad 24" never caught on (maybe next year).

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