Friday, March 14, 2014

C4 Weird elevated chainstay carbon frame

This is a nice old school vintage MTB carbon frame that has elevated chainstays on one side and regular stays on the other (I prefer both stays to follow the same style IMHO). I have some faded memories of this frame from back in the day, something says to me that this is an Italian made frame. Oh, and it must have weighted a ton, just look at the bottom bracket area.

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  1. This was my first carbon MTB frame.
    In 1991 it was the first real monocoque carbon frame on the market.
    It has all inner cable.
    Manufacturer is C4 carbon fiber an italian company owned by Mr Bonfanti M. a brilliant designer (a lot of ideas used today on bicycle frame was realized by him).
    Today C4 left bicycle market and work on sub mariner market.
    C4 made the first frame that weight less then 1 Kilos and they sell their frame to other brand and was used from pro cycling rider ( double World Championshio Gianni Bugno and Marco Pantani).


    Mr Locatelli G.